Your speaking voice. Your singing voice. Your brand voice.


As a vocalist of over 20 years, I believe the voice was designed to be expressed. I'm here to help you discover your authentic voice with
confidence, ease, and a deeper understanding of who you are.

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When you tune in to who you truly are, 
you hear your own voice. You begin unraveling
the nuances of your essence and align with
what truly matters to you.

When you hear your own voice, 
you speak your truth.

You transcend. You live your purpose.

And your authentic truth
inspires others to speak their truth.

You creates ripples.

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Private Coaching (4).png

Feeling confused about finding your "purpose"? Want more clarity in your life?

Learn more about 1:1 coaching so you can step into the power of your highest self and live the life you truly desire.


You've got biz ideas and you're ready to put them to work!

Together, we'll create a brand that is not only beautiful, but reflects the essence of YOU! So that you can authentically connect with your audience.


You want to sing with confidence and ease. Voice lessons go far beyond the notes on the page; it's about expression.

Combining physiological and mindful practices, singing has never felt so free!

When I lost my voice, I thought I lost everything.

Turns out, getting vocal nodules (twice) was one of the best things to ever happen to me. 
I was faced with no other choice but to get quiet and tune in. 
Tune in to my whole self, leading me on a trail of never ending curiosities.

What I discovered changed everything. I learned to hear my inner voice.

Blah blah blah. Write more later.



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