Allie Tyler is a trailblazing vocal musician, mindset coach, and educator with a mission to help others embrace and express their most authentic self. 

With an extensive background in classical and contemporary vocal performance, Allie is changing the way we explore the human voice through self healing, mindset, and wellness practices. Her work focuses on the intrinsic relationship between the inner voice and the outer voice and singing as a medicinal tool. Through her coaching, performances, and workshops, Allie aims to help others shine their light and share the essence of who they are unapologetically.


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In 2016, my (now) husband and I left everything behind to live and travel in our camper van. Our one year trip changed everything. With living in parking lots and showering at hot springs, my life could not have been more beautifully simple. And through that experience, I learned how to tap in to my deepest desires, beliefs, and values so that I could create the life I truly desired. I let go of the expectations I had carried with me. And I discovered my own worthiness by owning and expressing my authentic truth.

Because when you tune inward, you transcend into your best and most authentic self.

Since I was 12 years old, I'd been studying classical vocal music. I got two degrees in Vocal Performance and was on my way to becoming a professional classical soprano. So when I was diagnosed with vocal nodules at age 24, I suddenly lost my identity. 6 weeks of recovery turned into 6 months. And by the time I was able to sustain my high C's again, something inside of me had already changed.

During those months, I meandered around looking for activities I could hide behind to swallow my fear of never singing again. And although my heart cried every time I tried to make a sound (for those of you who've lost your voice before, you know how awful it feels), I learned something that rocked my world:

What if silence was the answer?

It was within the silence that I began to hear my inner voice. Meandering turned into curiosity and I let my intuition lead me on a journey to my self. I became wildly fascinated by self development books, started contributing wellness blog articles, and researched modern psychology concepts. All the while asking myself, "what if I created the life that I truly desired?"