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From following other's footsteps to finding my own voice - both onstage and off.

I was 24 years old and in my first year of grad school when I lost my voice. Only this time, it was serious.

Heavily immersed in the classical music scene, I was very accustomed to these vocal "patterns" where I'd rehearse my brains out, perform slightly hoarse, and rinse + repeat. So when the doctor diagnosed me with vocal nodules, I about fell over.

Little did I know that my entire world turned upside down. Six weeks turned into six months. And by the time I was able to sustain my high C's again...

Something inside of me changed.

For the first time in my life, I heard my own voice. My inner voice.

I began asking the "quarter-life crisis" questions:

Is this career sustainable? Do I truly want the life of an opera singer? 

And between the tears after my voice lessons and tea practically coming out my ears, I already knew the answer.

At 25, I got curious. I took music business classes. I became obsessed with health + wellness. I dove head first into books on entrepreneurship. All the while finishing my degree in a profession I wasn't even sure I'd commit to.

At 26, I left everything behind to live in a van. And yes. Down by the river. My boyfriend (now husband) and I traveled to 28 states in 10 months - not to escape life, mind you, but so life wouldn't escape us.