When you tune in, you transcend into your most authentic self. 


In a world filled with distraction, it takes conscious practice to silence the noise and tune inward. To let go of the beliefs around what you "should" and "shouldn't" do. To release the need to please or succeed. Just beyond these internal stories is the sound of our inner voice - the voice of our purpose. When we begin to tune inward, we transcend into most authentic, powerful self.

Every human has two voices: the inner & the outer. At the intersection lies self discovery, healing, and authentic expression. 

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To inspire authentic expression with confidence and ease.


As a professional vocalist of over 20 years, I aim to shed light on what it truly means to authentic.

To express truth rather than expectation.
To step fully into your power unapologetically.
To align your life with your highest self.

Whether it's for a a live performance or self discovery, I aim to help you tune in and transcend your voice.

Through mindful practice, flow techniques, and a healthy dose of spirituality, I will guide you in the discovery of your own voice.